Artist Statement

My initial work focused on details, respecting each individual line, dot, burl, and blade of grass.� I find, though, that I am moving gradually from the "how" to the "what."� Still respecting each detail, following the concept that "the Devil is in the details, God is in the details, Life is in the details," art has become my spiritual path with each piece building upon and adding to my previous work--improving and testing technique (the "how") while adding to and building upon the Spirit (the "what")...leading to infinity.


The 2016 schedule includes:
� - Vermont Hand Crafters�annual fine craft and art�show, Sheraton Inn, South Burlington, VT on November 18-20�
� - Solo show at the Emile A. Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, Vermont, November 27 through�December 31��

Originals and/or prints are always available�at:
�� -�Emile A. Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, Vermont���
�� -�The Flying Disc, Main Street, Enosburgh, VT
�� -�Artisans Market in East Berkshire

My studio is�open to visitors.� Please contact me for directions and hours if you'd like to stop by.�


Most originals are also available as�fine art giclee prints,�printed on acid-free media using fade-resistant Epson inks. To preserve these fine art prints, we frame prints behind�museum glass and use only acid-free mats and mounting materials. To extend the life of your print, keep it away from direct sunlight.

Our prints are low-numbered limited editions and�I have signed and�numbered each one. Some of our larger-sized pieces are also run as smaller-sized open editions; although there is no limit to the number of open edition prints that are produced, each piece is still numbered and signed.���

Information and Mailing List

This website shows only a few selected pieces of�artwork.��To request information on other originals and prints available or to be added�to our mailing list, please email us.� We respect your privacy and will not sell or give your information to any other artist or gallery.

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